My daughter took piano lessons from Sandi Melody at Harmony house when she was 5 and 6 years old – which was 20 years ago! HH gave her a fantastic start as a musician, and she has been a professional musician since she was 12. The footage I have of her playing “When the Saint’s Go Marching In” at one of their wonderful recitals is priceless.

Harmony House provides an incomparable foundation for all who come through its doors.

Shari Ulrich

Renowned Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Broadcaster

If you follow this blog (criticaltechnology.blogspot.ca) you are aware of my inspired learner series of posts. The idea being that there are already many people learning online and using social media as a part of their learning. I also believe that the role of the super mentor will become increasingly important for self-directed learners.

Sandi Melody is a super mentor who has created something very special. She has created a school where youth can come for music and live performance training. What she provides goes far beyond the regular music teaching, she provides mentorship to many aspects of being a musician, not just the chops of playing your chosen instrument. What Sandi does is well described by Curtis Bonk in his book “The World is Open”;

This will be a person to consult with at critical junctures in your learning process. Such individuals will be critical in helping sort out the myriad ways you can learn today as well as the interesting routes you might take to reach new learning milestones. As learning becomes increasingly essential in our lives, super mentors will continually provide the breath of life by leading us to relevant and meaningful learning paths.

What I also believe is done very well with Harmony House, Sandi and her students is their use of social media to promote their activities. Being public with your learning increases its depth and quality. And by engaging your social network during your learning increases opportunity for reflection, peer engagement and mentorship.

I believe Sandi Melody is an inspired super-mentor who uses many of the available social media technologies to deepen peoples learning by engaging others and provide opportunities for reflection and public support. Sandi is an Inspired Super-mentor and her students are Inspired Learners.

Peter Rawsthorne

Inspiring Adult Learners

I took lessons at Harmony House for four years and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to take their musicianship to the next level. The teachers are positive and encouraging, and all amazing musicians in their own rights. There is also a strong emphasis on developing skills for live performances, which is extremely beneficial to anyone looking to play in live bands. This all happens in one of the most welcoming and supportive environments I’ve ever been a part of.

In short, Harmony House offers unparalleled instruction in an ideal environment, and anyone looking for music lessons would be crazy not to go here!

Fraser Christian

Harmony House Alumni

My daughter attended Harmony House this past year, and it has been a fantastic experience for her. Not only from a music instructional standpoint, but from a self esteem perspective as well. She was involved in an ensemble group, but was also given the opportunity to sing a solo at one of the live venue forums. I don’t know of any other offering on the North Shore that would offer students the opportunity for musical training that she receives and then to perform in venues such as a jazz club and the Kay Meek Center. We came for the music and friendships initially, and frankly had no idea of the talent buried within. But it is the worldly self confidence that has emerged that is truly the gift.
Mary Charleson

Harmony House Music Studio engages all students in collaborative authentic music experiences that foster life long learning and deep music appreciation. Creativity, rigour, and teamwork seem to happen organically at Harmony House but upon further investigation it is evident that the development of these 21st century skills is direct and purposeful. Harmony House provides robust music and learning opportunities for all ages.
Steve Holmberg

When I joined Harmony House, I was a shy middle-schooler that enjoying singing, but had no formal experience. Sandi and all of her staff are incredible, and helped me blossom into a confident young performer. I took private vocal lessons with Sandi, and also joined an ensemble with young people my age. In these lessons, you can not only take part in choosing the songs you would like to perform, but with great support from extremely encouraging and talented teachers, you can play an active part in building on and exploring your musical abilities. H.H not only puts on events where we can showcase our hard work, they also take us into studios to record our songs.

I’m 24 now, and just recently went back to H.H. to form an ensemble of young adults, and perform at the Christmas showcase. It was such a joy and pleasure to be back at H.H again.If you are in middle school or entering high school, as I was when I joined H.H., I would really recommend discovering the programs offered by H.H. The music studio is filled with professionals who offer continuous support and a very personalized learning experience.

Fiona Humbert-Droz

Harmony House has been a significant part of my life for what feels like most of my life. As a child who was heavily immersed in all types of art based activities, music was always my favourite. Being homeschooled growing up, I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. When I started voice lessons at Harmony House at the age of eleven, I felt as if I had finally found my “place” I was supposed to fit into. As a teenager, most of us are in the early stages of finding ourselves and to have a community like Harmony House to love and support you as you grow through that difficult time has an immense impact that helps nurture balance, courage and self-confidence. After high school I attended Vancouver Community College of Music. It was here that I ultimately realized how much Harmony House had really taught me. Subjects like master classes, performances, the recording studio, ear training and theory were all things I had an upper hand in because Harmony House specifically focuses on all these aspects of the art. It was because of this training I was able to excel in school, and eventually return to Harmony House as a voice and piano teacher. The students, teachers, parents and everyone else involved in Harmony House are to thank for helping this wonderful school stay alive for 20 years and counting. I owe so much of my success to this school. My only wish is that others continue to be just as enlightened as I have been from my experience here. I hope to continue that legacy through my own teaching at Harmony House.
Kaiya Massey-Nesbitt

Harmony House always always been nothing but awesome for me! I’ve taken drum lessons, performance classes, and just about every other course they have had to offer over the years. Harmony House always provides students with fun teachers and a positive learning environment which can be a rarity these days.. I have made several close friends over the years at Harmony House and wouldn’t trade the years of lessons for anything. Sandi herself is the most motivating positive individual out there and her vision for harmony house is spectacular. She truly believes every single student has their own talents and it is her job to bring it all out! Thanks Harmony House 🙂

Jared Radvak

Harmony House Alumni