Turn Your Teens ON to MUSIC


Turn Your Teens On To Music This Summer!

This is the best place to send your teens ages 13 to 18 years this summer for an energizing and educational experience, where they will actively learn music from dedicated music professionals, build their confidence to sing in harmony with their friends and have a heap of fun in the process.


Where and When…

August 13 to 17, 2018 | 8:30am – 3:30pm

Canyon Heights Church

4840 Capilano Road, North Vancouver.  Click here for Google Map

What’s Included:

  1. Morning Stretching and Breathing:  When it comes to singing, our bodies are our instruments so we’ll start each day with yoga style stretching, mindful movement, breathing and toning (kirtan style) as prepartion for the day’s activites.
  2. Body Percussion: This physical and engaging activity teaches teens simple and complex rhythms using cool drumming patterns with their hands and feet.  Sure to cause lots of laughter!  Check out these links to body percussion FUN!

    Hand Clap Skit, High School Talent Show

    We Can Work It OutUVic Beatles Bodydub

    Just Clap Your Hands, STOMP

  3. Music Reading & Ear Training:  No previous experience necessary.  Our relaxed approach will give teens a better understanding of music notation, by showing them how to read and sing the notes on the page using the solfege system (do, re, mi…) and the number system (1,2,3…) interchangeably.  Both systems incorporate relevant theory and are are used in post secondary music education for all instruments.  Safe and supported improv activities will be used to deepen listening skills, gain independence and build confidence.
  4. Singing, Singing, Singing:  There will be singing throughout the day from fun and silly spur of the moment songs taught by ear to dedicated written ensemble arrangements sung in 4 part harmony.  Teens will enjoy songs from the 1600’s – today (rock, jazz, blues, folk, pop, rap, classical, multi-cultural/world)
  5. Vocal Technique:  Teens will gain a better understanding of just how many ways they can use their singing voice to express themselves!  What the human voice is cabaple of doing is nothing short of AMAZING!  And contrary to what a lot of westerners think, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BORN WITH IT.

    Sandi Melody is a university educated vocal performance expert who has been coaching professional vocalists for 23 years.  Like any skill, becoming a great vocalist is a trainable art.  Just as good actor can play many different characters, and a painter can blend colors to create new ones, a singer can learn to mix and manipulate their sound and develop skill to sing any style of music.  From rock to pop to classical, teens will discover just how many different authentic sounds they can make to express what’s in their soul!   Contemporary and classical vocal techniques will be incorporated into every song we sing.  Campers will learn to develop healthy vocal habits to produce genre specific sounds.  As they experience expressing different styles of music with the appropriate technique they will also be learning to distinguish the difference between appropriate and inappropriate sound production quality, and to protect the longevity of their voice.  

  6. Outdoor activities:  The beautiful Cleveland Park is across the street where we can all have lunch (weather permitting), have a good walk/hike, play games or just chill.
  7. A Mini Concert: There will be a mini-concert Friday afternoon to which family is invited.

    Jeremy Vallance has delighted choristers and audiences for the past decade, spreading the joy of singing with humour, high energy and enthusiasm, leading choirs as large as 190 members. Currently he co-directs the recently established Spirit’s Call Choir with Sandi Melody in North Vancouver and Vancouver.  Through choir rehearsals and workshops, he has long taught that music must be fun and accessible to everyone, whatever their skill level. With positive acceptance he invites everyone into a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere that gets them to relax, laugh and enjoy themselves while discovering they can sing together in harmony.

What you need to Bring Every Day…

  • water bottle
  • 1-inch 3-ring binder
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • a lunch. (There is a pizza restaurant, a sushi restaurant and a convenience store across the street, and The Grind Coffee House in the Canyon Heights Church sells soup & sandwiches) 
  • wear clothing that you can move freely in (yoga style stretching)

For more information…

(778) 788-9347  |  info@harmonyhousemusicschool.com





Enrolment is limited.



$350 inclusive

NO REFUNDS once purchased, but transfer to a friend or family member is acceptable.

Minimum enrolment is required to run each camp.  If not met, participants will be moved to an alternate date or refunded their full registration fee.

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