Sandi Melody

Sandi Melody


Sandi is the founder of Harmony House and creator of the HH Contemporary Music Program.  She graduated from the VCC Contemporary Music Program in 1992 with a double major in voice and piano then moved on to the Capilano University Jazz Studies program for vocal performance.  In 1996 she performed her graduation recital at Cap receiving top marks and bringing her teachers to tears.

While studying at VCC and Cap U it was very clear that there wasn’t an organized training system in the lower mainland that was set up to help musicians excel the same way organized sport did, and that’s when the seed for Harmony House sprouted.  Sandi envisioned a community music school that focused solely on skill development for performance.  A school where anyone that wanted to learn was allowed in.  She believes that music is a skill that anyone can learn if given the right circumstances, and so she set about creating a safe haven for would be musicians to come and get their feet wet and see where it took them.

From the age of 5 Sandi had been a serious competitive swimmer, attaining National Standing between 1978 – 1983,  For 12 years she lived the concept of training for performance.  She recognized the value of her long term commitment to skill development and loved the idea of applying that philosophy to music, a skill that can last a lifetime!  She created the Harmony House Program to mirror her swim training and performance experiences, in hopes it would provide musicians with the same strong foundation for personal growth and healthy self esteem gained through positive learning experiences.

In organized sport players don’t just learn how to kick a ball or shoot a basket, there is a big focus on “leadership” and “teamwork”.  Sandi recognized that the same things could apply to music education and set out to give those same opportunities to the artists in the crowd.  She advocates that like music, leadership is not something you’re born with but something that can be learned and acquired through practice and experience.

Sandi wears a multitude of hats at HH including administrator, producer, teacher and performer.  Her favourite new project is co-directing Spirit’s Call Choir with Jeremy Vallance. She was the visionary for the Harmony Training and Performance Society who provide bursaries for underprivileged students and creates performance opportunities for students and amateur musicians in the community.

Sandi is passionate about health and volunteers at The Canadian Mental Health Association, she loves to travel, ski and practice yoga,