2016-08-25_NSNewsReadersChoiceRibbon(400)Quality Training for Quality People
Come find out what sets us apart from the rest!

We specialize in training contemporary musicians.  It is the only thing we do and we’ve been doing it since 1993. More like sports club than a store, we focus only on our personalized, experiential program where students young and old THRIVE!

We have one program.  It is progressive, and it works for everyone no matter what your age or stage of development.  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’ll take you “as is” and find fun ways to challenge you to get to the next level. Step by step you’ll impress yourself, your friends and family as you overcome obstacles and attain the skills you need to express your inner artist.

All students learn:

  1. goal setting
  2. team work
  3. collaboration
  4. self expression
  5. coordination
  6. memory skills
  7. concentration
  8. poise
All students gain:

  1. self confidence
  2. friends
  3. knowledge
  4. skills

We can guarantee results because we know the value of our unique program!  Just read the testimonials from students who decided to buy in and go for it, and  notice how many students stay with us for 5-10 years!!

You too can experience the joy and connection that self expression through music brings.  Anyone can.  It’s not about “talent,” it’s about skill; and like any skill development there is commitment, dedication and patience required.  At Harmony House we have co-created a community where all musicians have an equal voice.  Every student benefits from the support and inclusion of the community.  Everyone feels safe and cared about.

Since 1993 our program has been:

  • innovative
  • practical
  • relevant
  • student led
  • transformative
  • priceless



“Before Harmony House I was doubtful of my performance skills but the confidence I gained in the encouraging and supportive environment of our showcases has really stayed with me and I am now a regularly performing artist.”

Anna Scouten, professional musician and recording artist

“After high school I attended Vancouver Community College of Music. It was here that I ultimately realized how much Harmony House had really taught me. Subjects like master classes, performances, the recording studio, ear training and theory were all things I had an upper hand in because Harmony House specifically focuses on all these aspects of the art.”

Kaiya Massey-Nesbitt, professional musician, graphic designer

“I went to Harmony House for only a couple years, but the kind, knowledgeable instructors furthered my abilities more than several years of lessons elsewhere.”

Kyle White, Harmony House Alumni

Stephanie Hendy at 10 years old.

Stephanie Hendy at 15 years old.
Stephanie Hendy is just one example of how a student can flourish in the Harmony House Independent Musician Program.  You can see her performance ability has improved significantly as has her confidence in talking with the audience, because of good, consistent instruction in a program that works.