Super Achievers/Peak Performers Program


Come find out why people are saying we offer the best program on the North Shore!

When The Independent Musicians Program is no longer enough, and students want even more!

Both The West Vancouver Super Achievers Program (SAP) and The North Vancouver Peak Performers Program (PPP) require students to take a minimum number of hours of onsite training with supervision of a Music Director.  Students finish their high school course work by lunchtime allowing 2 extra hours per day for personal training.  Harmony House has successfully supported 6 students through this intense program, and many others who were not in the SAP/PPP Program, but wanted a more intense training program.

Our Super Achievers/ Peak Performers program
consists of 7.75 hours of class time each week:

  • 1 hour private lesson on main instrument
  • 45 min. private lesson on secondary instrument
  • 90 min. group or 45 minute private theory
  • 90 min. small vocal ensemble or 45 minute private ear training
  • 90 min. performance class (small ensemble/rock band)
  • 90 min. volunteer TA for a younger performance class or vocal ensemble

For each hour of class time there is an expectation of at least 2 hours of home study/practice making the total hours invested 23.25 hours each week.

Additional hours include 5 sound checks & live performances, 3 individual rehearsals with a professional band, and 2 recording sessions with a professional band over a 10 month period.  For those enrolled in a small vocal ensemble there is an additional rehearsal, sound check, live performance and recording session.

Note: Our Super Achievers/ Peak Performers Program can be modified to suit the personal needs of any advanced student who wants to up their game, even if they are not officially enrolled in SAP or PPP in high school.  Previous Harmony House students who participated in our more intensive training options have successfully moved on to post secondary music programs at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Grant McEwan University in Edmonton, Selkirk College in Nelson, Vancouver Community College, Capilano University, University of Toronto, McGill University as well as specialized arts schools in Montreal, California and New York.