Come find out why people are saying we offer the best program on the North Shore!

“Harmony House Music Studio engages all students in collaborative authentic music experiences that foster life long learning and deep music appreciation. Creativity, rigour, and teamwork seem to happen organically at Harmony House but upon further investigation it is evident that the development of these 21st century skills is direct and purposeful. Harmony House provides robust music and learning opportunities for all ages.”

Steve Holmberg, Music Educator


“My daughter attended Harmony House this past year, and it has been a fantastic experience for her.  We came for the music and friendships initially, and frankly had no idea of the talent buried within. But it is the worldly self confidence that has emerged that is truly the gift.”

Mary Charleson, parent


“The teachers are not only amazing professional musicians, but they genuinely care about whether the kids are having fun and progressing. My son loved attending his lessons at HH and made many great friends there. There is no other musical school like HH. I truly believe that.”

Cari Kuyzk, parent

“Sandi and all of her staff are incredible, and helped me blossom into a confident young performer. I took private vocal lessons with Sandi, and also joined an ensemble with young people my age. In these lessons, you can not only take part in choosing the songs you would like to perform, but with great support from extremely encouraging and talented teachers, you can play an active part in building on and exploring your musical abilities.”

Fiona Humbert-Droz, Student

“Harmony House Music Studio is by FAR the best teaching studio on the North Shore. I would know – I am an instructor and have been to nearly all of them!”

Mike Ferguson, Drum Specialist

“Sandi Melody is a super mentor who has created something very special…  a school where youth can come for music and live performance training.  What she provides goes far beyond the regular music teaching, she provides mentorship to many aspects of being a musician…”

Peter Rawsthorne, Parent

“After high school I attended Vancouver Community College of Music. It was here that I ultimately realized how much Harmony House had really taught me. Subjects like master classes, performances, the recording studio, ear training and theory were all things I had an upper hand in because Harmony House specifically focuses on all these aspects of the art… I owe so much of my success to this school.”

Kaiya Massey-Nesbitt, Student

“As a teacher for Harmony House, I’ve found it to be one of the most interesting music schools in the lower mainland. The sense of community and collective music making by the students is unlike any other school I’ve ever seen. Students learn skills in private lessons and are given a chance to apply them in a group setting. I would recommend studying here to any student.”

Alex Kelley, Bass Specialist

“Sandi Melody and her team are professional musicians and performers. This school is a cut above the rest. Combining music theory and practical skills for performing has boosted my confidence in all aspects of my life.”

Frank Myrskog, Adult Student

“…the multitude of music and (inter)personal skills I learned in that time through the lessons, ensembles, performance classes, recording studio sessions, and term performances have stayed with me throughout my college career and helped me in innumerable and invaluable ways.”

 Kylie Conibear, Student

“I’m a University student taking part in a summer ensemble at Harmony House, and I love it. The personalized aspect of the sessions lets us students take the music in the direction we want, but we are always encouraged to try just a bit more than we want, or than we think we can do.  Every single time I have done more, I have learned that I actually do like that type of music or that I can actually sing that song.”

 Jason Spence, Student